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Providing support in times of difficulty...

Working with a qualified Counsellor can help you to better understand what's happening and find ways to cope with your uncomfortable feelings.

Together, we'll work to find what you need to move forwards with hope, resilience and confidence.

Whether you are:

  • experiencing difficulties in your relationship(s)

  • finding it hard to move on from something that has happened

  • feeling negative and critical towards yourself

  • feeling lonely and struggling to make connections

  • lacking motivation or direction in your life

  • finding a lack of confidence is holding you back

Please do take that step to get in touch...

About me...

Having spent 10 years working as a manager in large corporate organisations, I decided to train as a counsellor because I found meaning in helping people who are seeking to bring about positive change(s) in their lives. Change might involve dealing with and moving forwards from something painful or simply for reasons of personal development and growth. 

My style of working is warm, supportive and focused on what you are wanting to achieve. I seek to be transparent with you at all times as part of my professional commitment to working ethically. By providing you with a space to be yourself, to talk about and explore what is going on - I aim to help you to gain deeper insights; to understand and process your feelings; and to support and encourage you as you experiment and achieve the change you want.

Sometimes what you're wanting can be achieved in a matter of weeks and sometimes it takes longer - we can talk about what might be realistic depending on where you are wanting to get to. 

I offer appointments of 60 minutes duration, during daytime and evenings. Typically we will meet on a weekly basis but the frequency can be flexible in order to meet your needs. My fee is £60 per hour.

I have gained a BA (Hons) in Transactional Analysis Counselling and am an accredited member of the BACP.

BACP Accredited Counsellor

Get in touch

Please get in touch to request an appointment or to ask any questions you might have.

07906 270893

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